Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Bit Of Sport

Dramatic stuff in the open water 10k as Britain's Keri-Anne Payne and Cassie Patten are overhauled in the last few metres, having led for most of the race. Patten even collided with a buoy at one point or more likely she barged into it. It's not exactly a friendly sport. Leg pulling to slow swimmers down is endemic. Still a good effort from the Stockport club-mates who took silver and bronze.

Then Windsurfer Bryony Shaw and hurdler Natasha Danvers both clinch bronzes but what's going on? No gold's today.

Odd though it may seem, not everyone's been glued to the Olympics. In Oldham, at a offices of a company who supplies services to the council, whilst their work colleagues were occupied, presumably surreptitiously watching the Olympics coverage over the internet like the rest of us, a couple of employees decided to take the opportunity for a bit of sport of their own.

Unfortunately, they'd forgotten to put the blinds down on the office windows and a crowd of about twenty onlookers gathered to watch. Twenty minutes later a Community Support Officer had to go inside and pull them apart. Suppose it all explains why you can never get anyone to answer the phone when you ring the council.

In the evening, work takes us all Quad biking, which is good fun in a muddy and wet sort of way. Someone manages to land the whole thing in a bush, which is quite funny but only because it wasn't me. Afterwards we retire to the pub where we get food laid on. I avoid the chips this time but can't resist the cheeseboard, the consequence of which is of course at least one more session back on the bike before the end of the week.

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