Saturday, 30 August 2008

Magnetic Deer

I have nothing planned this weekend at all, so it's a weekend of lie-ins and chilling out. Well sort of.

The 'chilling' bit lasts until I take the dogs on to the park. MD is very very errant. The wayward one has no one to blame but himself when he ends up spending a lot of time on the lead, that is when he finally stops terrifying a couple of highland terriers. Doggo is hiding behind a tree, pretending to not be with him. I can see him rolling his eyes in despair as he patiently waits for MD to come back to me, so that we can continue Doggo's game of football.

Even on the lead he's causing trouble, barking at the deer as we pass. I read somewhere this week that herds of grazing animals always face the same way. Cattle, and apparently deer, tend to align their bodies in a north-to-south direction, something to do with the Earth's magnetic fields influencing their behaviour. Magnetic deer? Garbage. They're not north-to-south facing, they're deer-to-two-collies facing.

Once back home, MD sleeps all afternoon. I've no idea why the others all say that spending time with MD is like having a piranha in the house. He's a total saint.

L's vowed to make sure she does two gyms, two runs and a swim over the weekend. I shall join her tomorrow but today is my rest day and I torture myself with the football instead.

Now I'm not having a go at teenage boys, that would too easy a target but... on her way out to the gym, L tells Son, who's in the bath, that she's put two fresh clean towels outside the bathroom door for him. I immediately realise that she's omitted a vital piece of information from her sentence, regarding the reason for putting them there. Sure enough ten minutes later he emerges wrapped in a dirty wet towel and steps over the two clean ones, no doubt glad of the advance warning so that he didn't trip over them, before heading upstairs.

In the evening, we get a bit radical. We get the bus over to Derby and then hop onto another one to Burton. This costs the same price as going to Derby using a 'go anywhere' zigzag ticket. We plan a tour around Burton's pub but the first one we choose has Burton Bridge's Porter and the 5.0% Stairway. So, we understandably stay put. Now we'll have to go over again. Oh the hardship.

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