Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Dog And Duck

I'm on the bike again, two days in a row. Somebody seems to have been having a party in the middle of the road in Ilkeston. Plastic bottles and beer cans strewn all over the road. Not good for a cyclist, such obstacles can make the journey more interesting than necessary.

L's been out with the boys and she's a bit stressed because one of them, who shall remain nameless, has developed a duck fetish. I think he likes to chase them. Just wait until he brings one home with him. L would not be happy, waiting at the pedestrian crossing with a pup with a duck in its mouth. How embarrassing. Be good for Sunday lunch though.

After work I head to the pool for my usual Wednesday swim. It's very quiet, only one or two people in each lane. Things will change once the two universities start up again, then it'll be hell for a few weeks.

There's a really annoying chap in the changing rooms who is getting changed at one end of the changing rooms but has chosen a locker at the other end. He takes one item of clothing off at a time, walks across to his locker, squeezing past me, even though there's only the two of us in there, places it in his locker and then returns back to his place before taking off his next item. He then repeats this rather laborious process. Most odd.

I get home and cut the grass. It’s a task I've been putting off because when L did it a few weeks ago she told me what a horrific experience it had been. I soon discover why. The noise from MD is amazing. How such a little thing can make so much noise I'm not sure. He viciously attacks the lawnmower, I fear for his safety, his sanity and for the prospect of a ASBO for excessive noise levels. I try tying him up but that doesn't help much, or even at all. He's almost as bad even when I stay down one end of the garden away from him. So in the end I have to put him inside the house but still he makes a racket, God knows what the neighbours think we're doing to him.

To add to this rather traumatic experience I pick up a load of amazing bites whilst I'm cutting the grass, that'll teach me not to do it in shorts.

I cook curry while L watches a film with daughter. When I serve the curry, MD pinches some of the bread. He's not Mr Popular Pup today, even with me.

Later I catch up with the Tour Of Ireland, ITV4 have decided to cover some more cycling which is good. Although there doesn't appear to be much competition in the sprints for Mark Cavendish, who easily wins the first stage.

L does her stretching exercises on her mat in front of the TV whilst I'm watching it, which is very distracting and also very brave with the dogs in the room.

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