Friday, 5 December 2008

Back To The Drawing Board?

My run into work was a bit interesting, slippery underfoot and quite icy in places, I felt like a skittish collie at times. Thankfully I wasn't attached to one this morning, although L probably was.

Cue fanfare. It's a momentous occasion as L finishes her channel swim. I have visions of her pitching up on the beach like Ursula Andress in Dr. No., only somewhere about 30 degrees cooler and smothered in goose fat, isn't that what they do to ward off the cold. We could have had such fun applying it.

She's now looking for a new challenge, something like swimming the length of the UK by linking rivers. It would take a lot longer than the channel did. I shall have to plot her a route.

Back in 2001, impressed by Steph Cook's win in the Sydney Olympics a year earlier, we checked out the World Modern Pentathlon Championships, which were held down in Somerset that year. It was a good day out but to our knowledge, nothing like that has been held in this country since.

Now it seems like there may never be an event like that over here again because the governing body, the UIPM, have decided to combine the pistol shooting (usually the first event), with the run (usually the last). This rule technically makes the sport illegal in the UK because it is against the law to take your gun from its box in a public place. Despite this, they tried to hold a trial event, without the public present, but it had to be called off because high winds created the danger that the competitors might actually shoot each other. Whoops. Back to the drawing board?

There's controversy down the local tonight, where the Supreme is just not right at all. Some customers suspect that it isn't actually Supreme at all but some other beer masquerading as it. I stick to the Sooty Stout instead which is superb.

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