Monday, 15 December 2008

The Taste Police

Still off work today and a man comes round to fix our boiler, which keeps losing pressure and switching itself off. This means we never wake up to, or come home to, a warm house. He's only here a few minutes and claims to have fixed it. I don't believe him naturally but time will tell.

The first thing I notice is that the pressure keeps rising rather than falling. This is slightly worrying. I take the dogs on the park, at least I won't be around if the whole thing goes bang.

I get back from the park, with two 'edge free' dogs, to find the house is still standing, good news so far, and the heating is still on, even better news. The dogs snuggle up by the radiators and promptly fall asleep. So they should be nicely recharged by the time L gets home.

Our internet is still limping but possibly limping a bit quicker, a bit like me. I manage to read about a woman in South Shields who has been told to remove her Christmas lights and 4ft Santa Claus by a housing association worker, in case they offended her non-Christian neighbours. Hmmm, is she sure it was a housing association worker and not just the taste police.


  1. Boiler seems exactly to be "dangerous",isn't it?
    And I have some wonders from your description,you know,I am an non-English native speaker.
    First,What is edge free dog?Is it some specific kind?
    Second, "by the time L gets home" means what?
    In additon, you use limping to describe your Internet(wire speed?)?I confused.
    The last one,Is "Taste police" some people useless?
    Enjoy your time!
    Expecting your hard work reply.

  2. I really don't know what to say.

    I always thought my blog was unintelligible and now I know it is.

    My dogs are both at my feet, having had the 'edges' taken off them on the park. Which just means I've tired them out and therefore I can get on with some uninterrupted blogging.