Friday, 26 December 2008

The Dreaded Cough

I've not been feeling my best for a few days and today the dreaded cough has arrived. However, I felt I could not deny Doggo his annual moment of fame and we head off to defend his title as top dog in the Boxing Day 5k on Darley Park.

There's quite a big crowd of entrants and supporters, obviously drawn by the fact that Doggo is going for three in a row and news must also have got out that MD is making his debut.

As ever, Doggo goes off too quick and drags me around the first half of the course, by which time he's knackered and I have to drag him around the rest of the way.

We come in 26th which is two places better than last year and this is despite the fact that I'm ill. Most importantly though Doggo is first canine home again, although we still don't get a trophy for it. MD comes in as 7th dog on his debut. Not bad for a first timer but I'm sure L was holding him back for his own good. He'd also do better if he spent a little less time playing to the crowd and trying to see off the other dogs.

My father manages to turn up before the start this year, he even missed the finish last year, and gets some good photos of the momentous occasion.

A few beers and then we head home. With the kids staying over at their father's and with both dogs stuck to the carpet by their own muddy undercarriages, we can have a relaxing warm down at home without fear of reprimand or interruption.

Later we have Sea Bass, which was a big success last year, and is equally good again, if it just wasn't for all those bones.

Yesterday's goose cuts up much more easily when it's cold which means there's load of leftovers for the dogs, which unsurprisingly they manage to wake up for.

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