Monday, 8 December 2008

Her Word Is My Bond

Last night L proposed an early morning run and her word, as ever, is my bond, so I don't let her back out this morning. This is despite the fact she tries to tempt me back in to bed. I also had my doubts as to whether MD would be up for it but he is, in fact both dogs are.

The problem with a 6am run is it leaves me knackered for the trip into work. This morning I need the help of John Grisham to keep me awake in the car.

L's back at the pool and is now a kilometre on her way to somewhere, we know not where, yet.

Disaster on my lunchtime shopping trip, Sainsbury’s have run out of dark Leffe. Damn. The Riggwelter is on special offer though, so that'll have to do. Never mind, we're in the Lakes at the weekend where hopefully strong and dark will prevail.

We're both at our last Monday dog training sessions before Christmas and it would have been nice to finish off with an end of term pub trip but unfortunately our session is going to be an extra long one to compensate for the long Christmas break.

We contribute a present to Santa's sack and get a better one back in return. It would be nice to put it under the tree but with 'Jaws' around it's probably going to be a last minute thing putting that up. Instead I give it Doggo to open, something he's always been rubbish out. I was sure MD would help him out and be much better, but oddly he isn't.

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