Thursday, 11 December 2008

Unnecessary Ducking

I've been miles behind with this blog, partly due to being really busy at work and what makes that worse if that from lunchtime I'm off work until Tuesday, which means everyone wants things done before I go. I'm also behind because my internet connection at home seems to have gone part-time. So although I've had most of my incoherent rambles written I haven't been able to upload them. I hope I haven't disappointed my readers, both of them.

I'm still limping and therefore on the bus again today, although L compliments my walking, saying it looks much better this morning, even after I was jumped on by MD. MD usually inflicts injuries elsewhere, by landing with both front paws in delicate areas. The main thing is that L is no longer embarrassed to be seen with me. On Tuesday night she reckoned it was like walking with my dad, who's just had a hip operation.

I even managed a brief jog for the bus, so I could possibly be up for a walk around the squash court tonight. I need to do something. I have another 10k on Sunday.

I feel that in my weakened state that if I'm going to win anything in tonight's squash game I have to get in early. So I make sure I start well and win the first game, then it's all downhill from there but winning the first game is never a good idea as it just gets my opponent angry and then he wipes the floor with me. One thing is very noticeable tonight, there's a lot of unnecessary ducking going on. After the incident two weeks ago, neither of want to be on the receiving end of a repeat.

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