Saturday, 20 December 2008

Off The Leash

Typical Saturday really, most of the morning in bed, then on the park with the 'boys' and then the football in the afternoon. I suppose the only untypical bit was that Derby won and actually played well enough to deserve the win.

The kids are both off to a party with their father, so we're totally off the leash tonight. L says we can paint the town red if we want. Which implies she thinks we don't usually paint the town red? I suppose it is more of an orange colour these days and having two collies in tow does somewhat cramp our style.

Talking of the 'boys', we feel we ought to take them with us tonight; they missed out on their usual Friday pub night because we were out living it up in the company of the Quo and they have been abandoned all afternoon. So, a walk to the Victoria it is.

When we get back later, we cook up a late night prawn curry, which we share with Daughter who has been dropped back home to do her papers. Son though stays at his father's, which means we're standing in for him on the paper round and will hopefully get lots of Christmas tips.

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