Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Dug Up And Resuscitated

Not at work, so it's a bit like a Saturday and we get up really late. Around 11.30! Then onto the park with the dogs who are both getting far too presumptuous that this is going to happen every time I'm off.

Today is of course New Years Eve and L's been out shopping for new trendier clothes. She says she's having a new image for 2009 and this one is going to wear more girlie skirts. Sounds great, I can hardly wait. In fact I don't have to because she has a blindingly good new grungy yellow and black dress which she wears tonight.

We head out early for a few drinks and L's brother comes over to join us. This tempts Daughter out, which is great, it's good to get a bit of a 'crowd' together, well four of us, although this keeps us out of the grown up bars.

I spend the night or should that be the 'early evening' on the St. Austell Tribute which isn't the best but it's a good sociable 'early evening'. Then its home for more beer, take away curry and Jools' Hootananny or whatever it's called. Pre-recorded of course, why they persist with this, don't know. I reckon the guests would still come if was live but Jools himself would perhaps prefer to be elsewhere.

It's rather dull this year, there's no Kylie to slobber over, only Duffy and even Jools doesn't appear to relish that prospect. His star guests are Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, who have been dug up and resuscitated especially. Even we can't stick it through to the end. The Ting Tings (surprisingly) and The Hold Steady were both good but underused and we gave up waiting for them to perform again.

New Year comes and goes; Son stays in his room throughout, probably denying it's all happening, probably not a bad idea.


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