Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Favourite Films Of 2008

Second part of my review of the year, my favourite ten films of the year.

10. Juno

I will probably get stick for including this but it had its moments. Lightweight but still entertaining.

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9. Somers Town

A pleasant thought provoking tale from Shane Meadows. Not one of his best but still very watchable.

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8. Persepolis

Always interesting and often darkly humorous. A cracking 'cartoon'.

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7. Son Of Rambow

In here for the insinuation that you can light a cigarette by connecting yourself to the mains electricity but for other reasons too. 'Skill on toast' as they said in them days.

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6. Elegy

Old man pulls young student and photographs her chest. So a cracking plot... and there's more to it than that.

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5. Burn After Reading

OMG, a Coen's film not at number one. Not their best but the Coen's are still coming up with something different.

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4. In Search Of A Midnight Kiss

A cheap fun film with lots of rough edges. Just like life should be.

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3. Baader Meinhoff Komplex

A fast and furious detailed history of the Red Army Fraction, squeezing 10 years into two and a half hours and doing it well.

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2. Lust Caution

On the 6th January last year we though we'd seen number one already. Almost but not quite. I held my breath all the way through this excellent film.

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1. No Country For Old Men

A botched plot and a botched ending but still gripping. What do you expect, it's the Coen's, it's got to be number one.

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