Sunday, 28 December 2008

Preventative Measures

My physical condition is deteriorating, so L is very courageous indeed to brave the germs and administer TLC, even if she does refuse to look in my direction in case she catches something.

The dogs take advantage of my weakened state on the park. Doggo just seems to know that I can't shout very loudly at him and takes absolute liberties. MD then abandoned our ball game to go play chase with a Weimaraner. So not a good park session.

Another long-standing Christmas tradition is that Derby County lose all their Christmas games, so far it's two out of two.

L makes me a 'hot toddy' and has one herself too, preventative measures I believe it's called. I retire to bed early with the dogs and Chris Hoy. I got his book for Christmas, I'm already half way through it, and I'm crap at reading, so it must be good or it could just be the fact it has a big primary school typeface and pictures in it.

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