Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Good Home

MD may have pushed Daughter a bit far this time; he's eaten £25 worth of tips from her paper round. Not completely his fault, someone left the stair-gate open again. I'm considering bolting that gate in place, that’ll solve the problem; everyone will just have to climb over it. Visitors can use the back door.

Daughter does a decent salvage job with sellotape and L takes them to the building society, who don't bat an eyelid despite the fact there were a few chunks missing. Daughter's not having a good week financially, yesterday someone palmed her off with a forged fiver, which the local Co-op then confiscated.

L is at work in the morning but then heads home to the 'angels'. She's getting in quite a lot of extra dog time at the moment. They are apparently both very sleepy. Well one of them would be; he's full of tenners as well as Thornton's toffee. I didn't mention the toffee did I...

I'm hoping this doesn't make my Christmas stocking but Burger King are marketing a fragrance called 'Flame', which they describe as 'the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat'. Nice.

At lunchtime I venture in to Sainsbury's. They had three of those big bottles of Leffe Brune left, so I thought I best give a good home to all three. The shop itself wasn't too busy and if they had that many checkout staff on duty on a normal lunchtime then we’d all be happy with our lives. The car park though was horrendous; it took me a good twenty minutes to escape.

Later we play our rearranged game of squash. My opponent warns me that it could be a very slow and short game because he's not completely recovered from the flu. He reckons he's been eating like a hungry horse, has done no exercise of any sort and not had a drink for eight days. Sounds like ideal preparation to me; well rested, on the wagon and carbo loaded.

He's not kidding about the slow game. We're tied at 1-1 and he's taking huge breaks for a drink and practically having a lie down between points in game three. I guess the last thing he wanted was a game that went to 16-14 but he still won it. The match ends up 3-1. So I can't even beat him when he's stricken with flu.

Back home, L and I hit the Christmas wines and demolish a bottle of white.

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