Monday, 1 December 2008

They Need To Have An Arm Wrestle

L has her channel swim down to the last 60 lengths. That's just 1.5km from the beach, so she should now have her sights firmly on Calais, Dunkirk or wherever it she's due to pitch up. I’ll have to be there with her gold medal.

The ten contenders for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award have been announced. The list include Lewis Hamilton, Joe Calzaghe and Andy Murray along with Olympians Rebecca Adlington, Ben Ainslie and Christine Ohuruogu.

Then of course there's a strong representation from our all conquering cyclists: - world and Olympic champion Nicole Cooke, Triple gold winner Chris Hoy, double gold winner Bradley Wiggins and gold medallist Rebecca Romero.

Problem is with four cyclists in there, a cyclist isn't going to win because they're going split the vote between them. So they need to all have an arm wrestle and three of them pull out, otherwise it's going to be Lewis Hamilton all the way.

Dog training in the evening. Tonight L and I make it home afterwards at almost the same time, so MD doesn't get his lift part of the journey home. The poor little tyke looks knackered.

We dine in style, fish finger sandwiches, good quality ones though, ones with fish in them.

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