Tuesday, 16 December 2008


I arrive at work all in one piece, no problems with ice on the roads today and it's an incident free ride in.

The Kennel Club have confirmed that they and the BBC cannot come to agreement after their spat over the BBC's documentary earlier this year and consequently they'll be no TV coverage of the 2009 event. Typical. The one year I qualify with Doggo and we get a TV blackout. Just terrific. So no need to set the video then for our moment of fame. My mum will get gutted.

So far I've managed to do all my Christmas shopping without stepping foot inside a shop. The consequence is that I have a huge pile of parcels by my desk at work including a case of Christmas wine for home consumption. All I need now is to bring the car into work to transport them home, I certainly won’t be bringing that lot back on my bike.

L heads off into Derby to meet some friends, they going to one of those 'all you eat' Chinese places. So she'll be as high as a kite from all that Monosodium glutamate when she gets home. Which, you never know, could work to my advantage.

I had planned to run with the boys tonight but MD is asleep in his bed from almost the moment I get in the door. Lancing the myth, put about by L and Daughter, that he's a livewire every night or perhaps he's still to get his gigantic Lakeland walk out of his system. Doggo is also keeping a low profile because it's raining, only ever so lightly, but he's taking no chances.

Instead, I drag them out for a walk to meet L off the bus. Even in the rain, we are knights in shining armour and fur. She's not that high on the MSG but high enough.

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