Thursday, 23 October 2008

All We Have Is Raw Collie

A bit of a reshuffle of the training this week and with no event at the weekend, I cycle for the third day in a row. Boy is it hard, into a head wind, and just to make things interesting I get a puncture about a mile from work. I was just going around the rather dodgy Asda roundabout when I saw a woman in a Fiesta coming off the A52, looking like she wasn't going to stop. So I kept my eye on her but off the road in front and I hit something, probably a rock, although I suppose it could have been glass. The tyre went down pretty quick. I do a quick repair job. I'm getting good at this, I've had lots of practice.

L emails with a whinge that 'this swimming lark' is no good because there's nothing on earth that makes her as hungry as swimming. She says she's eaten her breakfast and her lunch by 10.15. She ought to try cycling, if she wants to be really hungry, it works for me, but she says that isn't her aim.

As I prepare to cycle home, I'm informed that the weather in Nottingham is foul, although it's currently fine in Derby. So I pile on the waterproofs and because it only rains a little, regret it. I get to the pool seriously overheating, despite the sideways wind.

In the evening, I take MD out for a run. Doggo and I show him ye olde pond run. He seems to enjoy it and tries to set a fast pace but I restrain him. L brightens up the run by joining us. She mutters promises of a soak in the bath and a glass of wine afterwards. Which sounds good. Then she has a panic as to whether she told daughter we didn't drink on a Thursday. I'm sure we didn't, Monday to Wednesday is usually the rule, so Daughter will be up for a bottle of blue toilet cleaner.

The run seems to have done MD in, which is good but also L, which isn't so good. She did say earlier that she felt totally washed out and had requested raw steak for tea. Ah, we didn’t defrost any steak, best we have is raw collie... perhaps not, too skinny. So I cook chicken curry. We don't get that soak in the bath but we do hit the wine. Then L lures me to bed, snuggles up, and then nods off in my arms. Bless... or rather, Damn.

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