Friday, 17 October 2008

A Touch Of Hovering

I'm in the car today, possibly resting up for Sunday or possibly because that's the only way I'm going to get into the city centre for a haircut.

A touch of wit this morning from L as an email entitled 'Good Morning Billy' arrives. She refers to the fact that Daughter turned down Mr No Mates' offer of a lift to school this morning. Well I suppose that at least somebody’s speaking to me.

More wit later from L, this time unintentional, as she takes the afternoon off and emails from home that she is about to do some 'hovering' and has had to shut the dogs out because of the incessant barking. I assume she means hoovering, I think I'd bark incessantly if she started hovering around the house.

MD has joined the halti brigade and we're all set to début it tonight but as soon as the halti's come out both dogs hide under the computer table. Walk time is going to be such good fun. We could end up going to the pub on our own... hang on, that sounds like a good idea.

As it happens though we do walk them to the pub, all the way to Beeston, where the Harviestoun Scottish Wheat beer is very good.

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