Monday, 13 October 2008

New School Term

L switches dogs on me this morning. When I help her walk the dogs in the morning I usually get good old dependable Doggo, today I have the honour of exercising Mr Skittish instead. We practice ‘heel’. Cool he thinks; another new word that means food is on its way. Whenever I use any command with him he immediately looks at me for a treat, irrespective of whether he's done anything that warrants being treated or not.

It actually went ok, whilst I had his attention that was but most of the time his attention was on birds, other dogs, cats, the odd squirrel etc etc.

What would he have done had he been out with Doggo, who had a bit of an altercation with a wasp, although it didn't sting him. He needed MD there to protect him; the fearless little squirt would have seen it off.

I take MD home, so that he can rest up for tonight, when he starts school. L has volunteered to take him for basic obedience training because I simply can't fit it in around Doggo's sessions. If I could fit it in somewhere, that would be another 'boys' night out and L would be even more of a dogging widow than she is now.

All the same, she's very brave doing the training because MD has, very much, a mind of his own you know. This, of course, is all part of his charm. Although she's warned me that she won't be held accountable for her alcohol intake afterwards and that Monday's will probably end up being Ben and Jerry's for tea nights. L has such a cute way of coping with stress.

On our way home from the big boy's school, we pick up L and MD, who are having to walk to and from the class because we only have the one car. They, surprisingly, still appear to be on speaking terms. He is so knackered, that once we get him home, he has to stop halfway through his food for a lie down but it appears he was the star pupil as well as the most vocal. I imagine the rest of the class are already out buying earplugs ready for next week, as well as their family size tubs of Ben and Jerry's.

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