Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Heart Massage And A Bonio

I have training issues this week due to the various events I have on. I need to stay in Derby tonight for the match, so I drive over to my parents place and run the five and half miles to work from there.

As I drive pass L, I notice she's having a bit of a puppy problem. His lead appeared to be attached to his teeth rather than his collar. L dismisses it, saying she always has a puppy problem, mainly with regard to those teeth.

My run in was good. It took 40 minutes, which is rubbish but I did have quite a long stop to take my jumper off, as this involved re-plugging all my wiring.

I have an all day meeting at out local Holiday Inn, luckily they have espresso on tap which keeps me awake, useful as I'm doing the presentation. Unfortunately, I'm struggling to take any notes because of where I cut my finger cleaning my bike chain yesterday.

There's a heart-warming dog story in the paper from Melbourne, Australia, where a dog apparently risked its life to protect four kittens trapped in a house fire. Fire fighters found the dog guarding the kittens, which were in a cardboard box in one of the bedrooms. They don't seem to have considered that he might have been sat there waiting for them to show him the way out.

He succumbed a bit to the smoke and heat but was soon revived with a heart massage, oxygen and perhaps a Bonio.

After a successful conclusion to my meeting, I run back to my parents. Derby play possibly their best of the season and win 3-1. When I get home MD has been confined to barracks which I assume means he's been a bit of devil.

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