Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Mean Streets

On the bike this morning, it's cold but fine and the wind has thankfully dropped from what it was yesterday. I had to be on my game when suddenly someone flung open their car door at the wrong moment but that's just par for the course really.

MD continues to entertain... and bark. We've filled an old shampoo bottle with stones and apparently when shook it will cause him to cease any unruly behaviour that he may be indulging in... Ha ha ha.

The picture L paints this morning of her trying to leave the house with MD still clinging valiantly to the hem of her jeans whilst she rattles the bottle of rocks at him is priceless. She should be flattered though, he just doesn't want her to leave.

Once home in the evening, I do a quick clothes change and then we head up to Bilborough College. It's now Daughter's turn to start looking around A level colleges. We take the dogs up for the ride, not that I'm terribly happy leaving them in the car amongst the mean streets of Bilborough but at least MD won't be shredding the kitchen table whilst we're out. He is though, I think, gradually chewing his way through the dog bars and I'm sure one day that I'll return to the car to find both he and Doggo have managed to escape in to the front.

Daughter, who is not in slightest like Son, is by some strange uncanny coincidence studying almost the same courses as Son is now doing. Unfortunately, for her she'll be on the wrong side of the impressive male-female student ratio. Perhaps she should chuck in a male dominated course just for the social life, something like computing, like I did... hmmm... on second thoughts, she best stick to what she's doing.

L gives me a warning tonight, that if she catches me chilling in the kitchen before I come to bed, with the freezer door open, thinking that if I'm cold, I'll be well in, I'll end up sleeping under the table. That’s just cruel. That's where the hellhound resides but he'll probably be in my spot.

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