Monday, 20 October 2008

Burn After Meeting

It's very windy this morning. It's a good job it wasn't like this yesterday and hopefully it won't be tomorrow. Not good cycling weather at all.

At work, I am dragged into a meeting that I didn't even know was happening. Turns out to be a cross between a school ski trip meeting (see Thursday) and a Coen Brother's film (see Saturday). In that it was all rather unnecessary and although we talked a lot, nothing actually happened, made sense or was agreed up on. I look at my notes and think 'burn after meeting'.

Double dog class again. I drop L and MD off for theirs and then head to Doggo's. Afterwards as I drive home I see L walking along with MD, who is on his hind legs with his teeth wrapped around the top half of his lead. I sense he's becoming a pain and rescue them. He's no better at home and is sent to bed early, like a naughty child.

After an hour on the computer, I head off to bed where I'm sure L offers to warm me up but I get in trouble for taking advantage of her groggy state. Well if she must insist on sticking with this decaff lark.

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