Saturday, 25 October 2008

No Dumplings

The boys and I are up at 5am to drive up to Preston for a dog show club match, where our club will be battling against eleven others for the team prize. We have a team of 13 and the best four dogs over two courses count. So the trick is to get at least four dogs with clear rounds on both courses to stand a chance. Doggo and I do our bit and get a double clear but only two other dogs manage it. The team come 5th. There are also two other events, which don't count for the club match and we go clear in those too. We get a rosette for 8th but that's as good as it gets this week, which isn't actually that bad.

In the year that we qualify for Crufts for the first time, it's alleged by a BBC documentary that unhealthy and sometimes inbred dogs were winning best in breed competitions at the show. Today Pedigree announces that it is withdrawing it's sponsorship from the show, which probably means my free Pedigree polo shirt has gone down the pan. I have selfish motives.

I have no 'human' event this Sunday, so I don't get seductive texts from L luring me home with tempting offers concerning her dumplings, as she did last week. That's dumplings with casserole of course.

There's a reminder today of why we still watch football, despite the bore that is the predictable Premier league, as Hull City win their fourth game in a row and move up along side Liverpool and Chelsea on top of that damn league. They're actually third but only goal difference separates the three of them.

Another good news footie story concerns Wimbledon, who everyone hated until they were franchised out to Milton Keynes, now every one loves the 'real' Wimbledon. AFC Wimbledon have now climbed up the leagues to Blue Square South, which is just two promotions from getting them back into the league. They are currently second. The franchised MK Dons are only three promotions away and now AFC Wimbledon have the chance of drawing them in the FA Cup after today they qualified to play in the first round.

I get home from Preston around 8.00 and L and I head off into town for a few beers. We end up at the Hand and Heart which is fast becoming a very popular pub and restaurant. Very nice it is too.

L suggests we go for a cheap low calorie curry, if such a thing exists, but at least it'll make up for the lack of dumplings. So we head off to the Savera but its midnight when we get they're and they're about to close, so we bring a takeaway home instead. Heaven for the dogs, who love a Keema naan.

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