Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Die Die Die

Dry but cold, this morning. It's even sunny by the time I've cycled to work.

MD's training is going very well. He can sit, down, wait, shake a paw, touch my hand, do a spin etc etc. One thing I'm teaching him at the moment, that is going to be popular with the guys at home is 'playing dead'. Daughter has had a go at teaching this herself, although I'm not sure MD understands what she means when she shouts 'die die die', as she detaches him from her school books. There's also an unsubstantiated rumour that L has been teaching him another new trick, by way of the 'drown' command, which she uses when she sprays water at him to discourage his biting.

I get a confusing email from L saying J'adore Mingles. Mingles? That sounds nasty. Doesn’t that sort of thing usually require treatment or at least something from the chemist?

Turns out it's a chocolate thing, what a sheltered life us un-chocoholics lead. Even a Mingle would be something at the moment because the sandwich van has failed to turn up again. Annoyingly, it was here yesterday when I didn’t need it.

At the pool in the evening, it appears that the students have finally arrived. At least a load of foreign ones have and they all seem to want to swim along the blue line which runs along the centre of the lane, which isn't helpful.

I take MD to watch dog class again, he's itching to get involved and he does have a nice turn of speed, he's as quick as a flash when someone leaves the bread out. I just hope I can channel that speed into something useful. Untapped potential, that’s what it is.

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