Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Woolly Mammoth

As I cycle through Ilkeston, I have to swerve around a massive pothole. It wasn't there yesterday. How can they just spring up out of nothing?

L's out on the paper round, you know the one she never helps out on, with the dogs. Doggo apparently was a saint, because he had his new halti on. That's after L had managed to pull him out from under the table where he was hiding to avoid having it put on. MD on the other hand was far was saintlike and I'm sure he'll be in receipt of the same miracle cure soon. Whether he'll be quite so receptive to it, I'm not sure.

L accuses me of not speaking to her on the email. Come to think of it, it has been a bit quiet on the email front. Turns out that our mail server is, to coin a technical phrase, being a 'pain in the neck'. One of our engineers is dispatched to give it a good kicking. It didn't seem to work but I think it made him feel a bit better.

Today is Blog Action Day and I'm supposed to be blogging about poverty. I've thought long and hard about this but I just don't feel informed enough to comment, all I'd do is make flippant comments about the credit crunch, third world despots and probably Chelsea football club. Therefore, I've decided to keep quiet on this one.

I cycle to the pool and almost get wiped out by a chap in woolly hat who bumps down the pavement straight into my path, without even a glance. He was very lucky I wasn't a car.

Swim goes ok; I almost had a lane to myself. It was just the girl who only does six lengths and then gets out, and me.

Quite what the people who own the arena where we do dog training were doing with a woolly mammoth in the field next to the car park I'm not sure but needless to say that MD spotted it lurking in the darkness as soon as he alighted from the boot of the car. I'm sure the resulting commotion could have been heard fifty miles away. It took ages for me to calm him down. By which time is was time to him to get back in the car, so that I could train Doggo.

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