Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Like A Saint

The weather started out ok as I cycled in but got gradually fouler as I went along. It was particularly windy as I crossed over on the Severn Bridge and dipped into Wales. I like this virtual cycling business.

L describes the weather as hot but wet. L calling the weather hot? She must be ill.

Nottingham's population is predicted to surge by 27% and to rise faster than any major English city over the next 25 years. This I assume is research done by the building industry, who you thought would be lying low at the moment.

Of course, if this really was the case, then all those empty houses that are for sale would have been bought by now and someone would have rented those city centre apartments that seem to have been empty ever since they were built but lets concrete over some more countryside all the same. Why not.

Doggo's walking on the lead has always been appalling but since MD has arrived he's upped his game, or should that be lowered his game. Now he's worse and when he's paired with the little one, the combination is unbearable. So, we've purchased him a halti, which is supposed to stop this behaviour. He's not impressed and when L took him out, he had the thing off before they'd even walked to the end of the street.

After cycling home and rushing to get on the park before they lock the gates at 6.30, I have a go. He still hates it but I get him to keep it on, even though I don't hook the lead to it. Lo and behold, he walks like a saint at my side.

In the evening, I go out with a mate of mine and we go posh at Pizza Express. Actually, a lot better pizza than Pizza Hut, although a lot smaller and obviously more expensive. We even get a half-decent lager/beer although to carry a price of £3.65 for 330ml there must be real shortage of supply. So, we don't deplete their stocks any more by having another one.

Doubt we'll return though, the service was appalling. The place was practically empty but the staff still didn't want to take anyone's order. They didn't even offer us a drink for about 20 minutes, perhaps they were embarrassed by the price.

So we're gagging for a drink after that, thankfully Milestone's Little John 5.1% in Langtry's was well tasty and much cheaper.

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