Wednesday, 29 October 2008

No Overtaking

My first and only bike of this week and it was a bit of a cold one. I had so many layers on, L would have been proud of me.

Cycling wise it was a bit depressing because a guy in full kit passed me and not once but twice. I'm not really sure how he managed twice, I think I must know a short cut that he doesn't.

Nottingham didn't get to be a 'Cycling City' but Derby has been confirmed as one. The status was clinched after they took the chairman of Cycling England on a ride around the city's cycle routes. Blimey, I wonder where they took him, Sheffield probably.

Whether any of this will make any difference to my ride to work, I doubt. One of the first initiatives they've announced is 'Scootability', where they will teach children up to Year 4 in the skills necessary to manage a scooter on the pavement. Great.

I'm in another meeting today. This is what happens when everyone wants a viewing of your new project, so I should be pleased really but how am I supposed to keep this blog up to date if I don't get proper lunch hours.

Meeting goes well and I cycle to the pool, without being overtaken and get a swim, where I am overtaken.

In the evening, I take Doggo training and because by the end of the evening, there are only three of us left there training, I get MD out and attempt to show him what a tunnel is. It's a success, eventually; this is after we've persuaded him to stop doing laps of the arena. At least he'll sleep tonight.

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