Monday, 1 September 2008

Compulsory Eye Tests

It's the first of September today. So expect all the Christmas lights to go up by the end of the week and the shops to be full of all those naff Christmas gift sets. Oh joy.

L takes Doggo out on his own this morning, leaving Daughter to take MD out on her paper round. They appear to be bonding, despite the fact she lovingly refers to him as DD, devil dog.

Doggo too seems to have become rather attached to the little brute. MD always whimpers and howls when Doggo goes out without him and according to L, this makes Doggo hesitant about going out, as if he's missing him. Bless.

MD is your usual fickle collie though. So as soon as he's had a damn good howl and made his point, he soon forgets he's been abandoned and rushes out into the garden to trash another plant pot.

Yesterday we received a letter about Son's college application. It was hand delivered by the chap in the next street who has the same house number as us. He often gets our post and we often get his. Son's appointment was for last Friday, so he's missed it. Thanks Post Office. Compulsory eye tests should be a requirement for all postal workers. Thankfully, he manages to get another appointment, for tomorrow.

None of this is helping L's stress levels. She says she doesn't know how she's going to go out at lunchtime without picking up a slab of cake. Sounds simple to me, don’t go out.

It's back to school for Doggo tonight and we have some new recruits, which is good because it makes us look better than we are. I drop L and Daughter off at her parents on the way, with MD. Where L is worried she'll be hitting her father's cheap red. Apparently, MD provides plenty of entertainment for them, mainly with his piranha impressions. Amazingly despite this and Son's college fiasco, L keeps off the wine.

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