Friday, 5 September 2008

Coming Home To A Strangled Puppy...

It's lobbing it down yet again, so it wouldn't have been very pleasant on the bike but I'm on the bus anyway, as a planned rest day. As I hurry off to catch it, I meet two very wet dogs in the street. Ugh! I have to stop and say hello, as they're my own.

In today's paper, hot on the heels of the Olympics encouraging schools to up their game as regards competitive sports we get the headline 'team sports will make your children fat'. Yeah right.

They reckon competitive sports at school put children off exercise and suggest lifestyle activities, such as walking, aerobics and even in-line skating as alternatives. What makes them think these activities aren't competitive? They certainly would be if I were doing them.

As for competitive sports putting children off exercise, well I'm sure they're right as regards some kids but equally making games uncompetitive puts kids off too. Most kids, especially boys, are naturally competitive. It is the schools that knock it out of them. Perhaps they should find room for both types of activity. Simple eh?

Son is being induced into his new college today and L suggests to him that he ought to get fit and walk with her into town otherwise she'll be putting him on a diet and he agreed. So, a Mother and Son bonding session ensued. Although she certainly picked a rotten day to persuade him to walk to college. It's the sort of trauma that would send a lot of people to Cookie n Shakes to recover.

As it happens, he may not escape the diet anyway because L's threatened to get us all new images by putting us on the Slimming World diet.

She's also gone home early, which I think she's regretting because I've had emails warning me to expect a strangled dog by the time I get home. I don't think MD will let her do any hoovering, among other things.

I ask her to shove the pup on the next Red Arrow, I’ll meet him at the other end and walk him back but I think she assumes I'm joking.

Later, we walk the excitable pup to Beeston. The beer range is good and so is the weather, on the way there. It chucks it down on us on the way back and we have to have an advocaat to recover. Which was a bad idea but very nice all the same.

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