Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Duck Hunter And The Perennial Sniffer

Well it wasn't 5am but it was about twenty to six I think. Still impressive. I don't know, these early morning people. So L gets two very different dog experiences today courtesy of the contradictory personalities of the duck hunter and the perennial sniffer.

On my bike, I have now entered Devon. I've actually covered most of Dartmoor, passed Oakhampton and I will be on the outskirts of Exeter by the time I reach the pool tonight. L's so jealous of me plotting my route in Autoroute with pretty coloured pins. She doesn't have anything to stick pins into, other than the puppy.

They reckon scientists have trained a computer to create music in the style of bands such as Green Day, Radiohead and Keane by decoding the structure of their songs. Apparently it is so good that listeners were unable to tell which tracks had been produced by the bands and which by the computer. Thank God, they didn't get it started on Scouting For Girls, possibly that was too easy or perhaps they were worried that the computer would shut itself down in protest.

I don't often cycle along Wollaton Vale and today I notice for the first time that is has two cycle paths, one on the road and one on the pavement. That's crazy. If they already have a cycle path on the road, why did they go and paint one on the pavement. This will simply discourage people from using the one on the road. The best thing for cyclists is if all of us are on the road, then drivers get used to seeing bikes around and hence build up their awareness of cyclists. This legalised cycling on the pavement drives me dotty; as I'm sure it does pedestrians.

I cycle to the pool for my swim but I forget my lock and have to go home and fetch it. The extra mileage takes me beyond Exeter and to the bottom of the M5. I now have the difficult decision of whether to cycle up the virtual motorway or take the scenic route.

The pool is quiet, even quieter than this morning when L said it was packed at three to a lane. Three to a lane isn’t packed, unless they're all floaters. She was also complaining this morning about a 'bronzed Adonis in proper trunks' whom she questioned the sexuality of, so he must have got in her way. As a hot-blooded female, isn't L supposed to fancy the Speedos off a bronzed Adonis in proper trunks? Even if he does annoy her.

I get the boys back from dog class around 10pm, so no time to fit South Riding in, not with this new early to bed, early to rise, routine.

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