Thursday, 4 September 2008

An Inside Job

I run in and survive it, in a damn good time too. I also stay dry, although I’m sure it’ll rain on me later though.

I hesitate to say it but MD seems to be getting a bit less hyper, for a start he seems to have stopped yapping at everything that moves. Not that this is much consolation to the ducks on his morning walk, who have to run the daily gauntlet of the double dog experience. L says, his paws hardly touched the floor when he saw them but he's getting calmer, honestly.

Despite the fact he's been out with Doggo, MD still always greets him when they walk in the door. He rushes in ahead of him and positions himself to greet him as he walks in. It's so bizarre. Hero worship. Although L now has a different theory on this; that he's just making sure he gets to the biscuit tin first.

Today's another big day in Son's re-invention, following on from his change of learning establishment and conversion to a literary buff. It’s the haircut.

Although there were fears he may have bottled it when he sat in the chair and said 'just a trim please'. I can just picture L behind him making throat-cutting signals to the hairdresser; needless to say, it all came off. L reckons, he looks fabulous... like an adult. All he needs now is the girl with a skirt up to her armpits, to drape on his arm.

Back at home, MY dog; it's always MY dog at these moments. Has managed to get a bag of porridge off the worktop and open it. Doggo doesn’t like porridge, so it must have been the other one. Just don’t tell him it’s better with milk because he likes a spot of milk and, the way he's going, it won't be long until he learns to open the fridge door. Although, I'm sure, several times I think he’s attempted to hide in the fridge, so perhaps he's planning an inside job.

I get the Red Arrow home. There's a queue of people waiting to get on because some folks are arguing with the bus driver about why the bus goes to Victoria Bus Station and not Broadmarsh. Because it does! For goodness sake does it matter, its five minutes walk. In the end, they get on, threatening to charge the bus company for their taxi fare. A taxi! Unbelievable.

Tennis is rained off, although as soon as we decide that, the sun comes out. No matter, I take the boys for a paddle around the park instead. Where MD nearly has a chap off his bike. It wasn't really MD's fault because the chap had a dog on a lead with him. Crazy.

L and I have a romantic night in, cheese and pate, with a spot of red wine. Very nice.

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