Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Dubious Pleasures

I’m not in work today as I'm marshalling at the finish of today's Tour Of Britain stage in Stoke. As I'm not due there until midday, this means I get the dubious pleasure of taking the pup out. Actually destroying the little blighter on the park is something to look forward to. An hour and a half walk seems to do the trick.

It's also quite comical. I have MD on the extendable lead and we get some really cartoon moments when he legs it after birds etc and quickly comes to the end of the line. His neck stops but his legs keep running and we get the most spectacular back flip.

I head off to Stoke, which is still as grim as last time I went there. I get to marshal at the 'deviation' point, which is where the team cars have to split off from the rest of the race before the finish. I'm mainly directing traffic and stopping the public throwing themselves in front of a speeding cyclist but it's a good spot to watch the racing from.

There's quite a bit of hanging around but then we see a helicopter approaching overhead. I assume that's the race is now approaching and that is the TV coverage hovering above us. Of course it could be someone about to do a Price William and put their chopper in their floozy's garden but this is Stoke, so I doubt it.

As the riders rush past everyone gives a loud cheer to the British boys and a bit of a boo to the Rock Racing team, who's riders include the dubious threesome of Tyler Hamilton, Oscar Sevilla and Santiago Botero. All linked to recent drug controversies. Why the organisers let these three compete I'm not sure, most races have refused to accept them.

I head back home to the boys and today's gift from MD, is a pile of vomit. Nice. After a spot of clearing up, I watch the highlights of yesterdays cycling, there's nothing like doing things back to front.

Then I go for my usual swim, where I think I see a chap sporting one of those black Speedo LZR suits but when I get closer I realise that he's just amazingly hirsute. Yuk.

I take MD to dog class, as well as Doggo. MD attempts to try and see all the other dogs off but I think he's a bit miffed because none of the other dogs pay much attention to him.

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