Sunday, 14 September 2008

An Entertaining Pleasure

We drag ourselves away from our lie-in and go to cheer on those silly souls, all madder than L and I, who are doing this year Robin Hood Half and Full Marathons. L's ran the half several times and I'm sure I could run a half marathon, no problem, as long as I ran it at a sensible pace. It's this part I'm not capable of doing.

We get back to find Son staking out the living room. I assume he's making a point because, after the A Levels debacle, we've switched his internet games off. Of course the point is, that we have freed up some time for him, he just has to make good use of it.

I have the entertaining pleasure of cutting the grass. Entertaining because it drives MD totally ape. Unlike last time I put up with his fanatical barking and constant attacking of the lawn mower. I decide to persist until one of the neighbours complain or I run over him with the mower. Oddly none of them do and tempting though it is, I don't.

In the evening, we have L's younger brother and his partner round for tea. I cook my speciality lasagne, with lots of cheese. A few naughty glasses of wine go down.

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