Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Weather Is Lying In Wait For Me

My kit is still saturated from last nights soaking; luckily, I have spares of most things. Although this means the winter gloves come out, which despite what L says about it being winter already, it clearly isn't, and I'll get too hot. There's no alternative to the wet cycling shoes though, my 'waterproof' overshoes don't work terribly well in floodwater. I wear an extra pair of socks to soak up the excess moisture.

Daughter is off to Alton Towers today. She's done her paper round and on her way by 7.40. If only it were that easy on a school day.

I avoid the rain on the way to work and it even stops for me as I cycle to the pool after work. A somewhat excellent ride is spoilt when Pete Murphy from Bauhaus overtakes me, by jumping the lights, on his BMX. I was too shocked to give chase. If it wasn't he, it was certainly a striking resemblance, although it was the Bela Lugosi t-shirt that gave it away. You may not know what I'm talking about but obviously the Bauhaus legacy lives on, if the youth of today are taking the look that seriously.

It's very quiet in the pool, so much so there are some nice outfits all the way up as far as lane two. Tankinis I believe they're called but I'm too focussed on my swimming to notice.

Unfortunately the weather is lying in wait for me as I leave the pool, its torrential. My luck has well and truly ran out, that is until a wonderfully soggy L arrives at the Leisure Centre just as I leave.

I get home to find that the dogs have survived a day alone, amazingly MD hasn't trashed anything and Doggo hasn't savaged MD's ears off in frustration at the brute.

I return later to the pool, in the car this time, to rescue my soggy girl. I skip dog training, it's just too wet but really, I can't be bothered.

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