Monday, 22 September 2008

Life’s Rich Tapestry

The duck-hunter looks a bit shattered this morning but L assures me he still gave it his best shot on their walk. I have a leisurely morning, as Mondays involve taking the car to work.

L's boss is away this week, so she's packing in the fitness regime. Its yoga this morning and afterwards she complains that her thighs are throbbing like mad. How romantic is that? We have matching thighs, mine are still throbbing after running up that bloody hill yesterday.

I go to Sainsbury's at lunch to get some nice bread to go with the cranky pasta recipe that L's doing for tea. The four-legged bread stealer is rather partial to nice bread, so I get extra.

L has a list for tonight because we need to watch Kings Of Leon on Jools and also start watching South Riding again. She says she also needs me to nag her to do her leg strengthening exercises and needs me for an early night, which sounds promising.

We could combine some of these tasks. 3 and 4 go together, no problem. We could do 1 or 2 whilst we eat or perhaps combine 2 with food and then do 1, 3 and 4 at the same time, with the dogs shut in the kitchen. The possibilities are endless; such is life’s rich tapestry.

None of this helps my blog, which I'm already behind with and such excitement only ensures that there's more to blog about.

L heads off to Sainsbury's to check out the decaf coffee because she's trying to cut down her caffeine. Hope she doesn't get any, without the caffeine she could nod off tonight and obliterate all our options.

Everything has to wait until after dog class and then I'm delayed by a crash on the A52. When I finally get home, I find MD locked in the kitchen. Ah, guess he wasn't being the 'perfect pup' tonight then.

After the weird and cranky pasta dish, we do an episode of South Riding before retiring for that early night but oops, I forget to nag about the leg exercises and Jools will have to wait for another night. He won't mind.

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