Saturday, 6 September 2008

With Added Teeth Marks

Another Saturday with not much on, which is very strange, I must get some more events scheduled. All the same we have a nice lie in. The postman manages to get some of our post through the correct door but doesn't deliver any of the CDs or the new headphones I've ordered off the internet. Then I see a certain puppy running around the garden with a parcel in its mouth. Rather than knock, the postman seems to have just lobbed a parcel over the back gate. No wonder things get broken. When I catch the blessed creature, the parcel turns out to contain my new headphones. Special ones for running, with added teeth marks, I look forward to trying them.

I get my own back on the puppy and poor old Doggo by dragging them both round the park for an extra long walk in the rain. Extra long because the rain has driven all the sane people away and the park is therefore quiet, ideal for manic puppies. Despite this, he still manages to upset a few folks.

We bump into a couple with a black lab just as yet another downpour starts. 'Isn't it wonderful' she says. It just goes to show that L and I aren't the only odd ones around, fellow rain worshippers.

A lazy morning is followed by a lazy afternoon. I discover that Son has the full set of Feeder videos, so I spend the afternoon reminiscing over all the old ones.

Whilst Setanta's half a dozen subscribers are enduring the Andorra v England match, the rest of us enjoy a weekend off from football or alternatively concentrate on the 'car crash' entertainment at the bottom of League 2. Where the penalised trio of Rotherham (17-point penalty), Bournemouth (also 17) and Luton (30) are scrapping to avoid the two relegation places.

Rotherham and Luton have both made encouraging starts and they have all received an unexpected bonus with Barnet throwing their hat into the ring by losing their first five matches.

Bottom Of League 2

Pl W D L Pt
21 Barnet 5 0 0 5 0
22 Rotherham 5 3 1 1 -7
23 Bournemouth 5 0 3 2 -14
24 Luton 5 2 1 2 -23

A lazy afternoon is followed by a lazy evening, we don't even go out, as I rest up for my race tomorrow.

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