Saturday, 20 September 2008

Is Fish Good To Run On?

It's so chaotic in our house this morning, kids and dogs, that we are forced to get up before 11am, which isn't good for an event free Saturday.

I take the unruly dogs on the park and then head off to the match.

Derby v Cardiff may have looked good on paper but it certainly wasn't. Derby, I think, had the only meaningful shot of the whole match and it went in. We then gifted Cardiff a penalty. So 1-1.

The match was so dull, that the highlight was the two sets of supporters bantering about the extent of their promiscuity with sheep. Let me explain. Derby are known as the Rams and also affectionately (by their own fans) and in-affectionately (by others) as a bunch of sheep sh*ggers. Cardiff are obviously from Wales, enough said.

All truly bizarre. Almost as bizarre as the game between Watford and Reading where the linesman mistakenly awarded Reading a goal when the ball had actually gone at least a foot wide of the post.

In the evening, we take my Dad out for a meal to celebrate his 80th birthday. We have a good meal and it keeps my alcohol intake down as I have a race on Sunday, although I still carbo load with a pint and a half. I have shrimps for starters and halibut and scallops for main. I've no idea if all that fish is good to run on. I guess I'll find out soon enough. Tomorrow, we also find out whether the Strawberry Tart, as part of the race preparations, was a good idea as well.

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