Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Breakout Of Sanity

I'm out in Derby tonight, so cycling isn't feasible but I had intended to run into work instead. Unfortunately, I forgot to leave anything to wear at work. So unless I go out in my shorts, I can't do it. Therefore, I have to get the bus but then again it's chucking it down again, so it wouldn't have been pleasant.

After a pleasant evening of beer and curry, we end up arguing about the price of the meal, they over charged us, which makes me late for the bus and I miss the Red Arrow home. I have to wait for the next one.

Thankfully (or perhaps not), by the time I get home no ones strangled the pet piranha, the lovable MD.

There's a breakout of sanity in the music scene as Elbow, those popular journeymen of the British scene, win the Mercury Prize for their LP The Seldom Seen Kid. It's certainly not the best album of the year but compared with most of the other nominees it was different class. It was their second nomination, following on from their first album in 2001, which didn't win.

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  1. I was very pleased that Elbow won, particularly after their astonishingly good live show in April. Off to see Laura Marling in November, she was great at Glasto and I wouldn't have begrudged her the win either.