Thursday, 11 September 2008

What The Dizzle In The Drizzle

Finally, some serious exercise this week as I run into work. The weather started out fine but then it drizzled a bit but not much. I got to try my new 'runner specific' headphones out and they were very good, didn’t fall out once.

I was running quite nicely along the river path when I had to start swerving around diggers and other heavy plant machinery. What the dizzle? (as Daughter would say), or more precisely, what the dizzle in the drizzle. I know they've been digging here for a while and I thought they were putting some new footpaths in but now they seem to be excavating the whole area. It looks suspiciously like a new housing estate or worse, an industrial estate. That's really going to destroy the area. They did say that as soon as the Alvaston bypass went in, it would be the thin end of the wedge.

Just what is a dizzle? The Urban Dictionary on the internet helpfully defines 'dizzle' as 'anything really'. Pass me a dizzle.

I had a bag of crisps with my lunch today, which is a rarity, I don't often but there wasn't much on the sandwich van today. Walkers' crisps now tell you that 'the carbon footprint of this product is 75g per pack'. So that’s 75g of carbon but only 34.5g of crisps for your money, hmmm, doesn't seem a very good dizzle, I mean deal, to me.

In the evening, I have to remember to take a squash racquet to our match and not a tennis racquet, as we've switched sports again. Winter is almost upon us.

I suppose we could have done what L's sister's opponents apparently did this week in their tennis match. They turned up in long trousers, long sleeved shirts, gloves and hats. This wasn't to keep warm though, this was to keep out the sun, as this was Singapore. Not very intimating though. Surely, the whole point of sport is so that you can go for the skimpy lycra look, much more professional looking, but then perhaps I’m just looking at it from the spectators point of view.

I get home to the wonderful smell something cooking under the grill. I have a quick check to make sure it's not MD. It's fish but it isn't piranha, its mackerel. Our piranha would have been too hairy. Apparently, mackerel is full of wonderful oils that will be kind to my heart.

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