Monday, 15 September 2008

The Andrex Puppy

L's at the physio this morning so I get the honour of taking the boys for a walk. It's quite pleasant, although both are a pain in the arm, literally. I'm pleased to say that MD has perfected the 'sit at the kerb' routine, mainly because he knows he gets a treat for it, and he has a lovely sit, far less crap than Doggo’s was at that age. The down side is that, I’m getting through a hell of a lot of treats at the moment. So much so that I now have to ration the number of kerbs we cross.

I'm fifteen minutes late leaving for work because Son has lost his door key and I have to wait for him to return from his paper round before I can leave. This was good for Daughter because it meant she could scrounge a lift and not arrive at school at a ridiculously early time. In the end we lob a key at Son as we drive past him.

I nip to Sainsbury's over lunch. Am I the only person who gets hacked off with people's trolley parking? Yes, ok, so I almost certainly am but honestly. The trolley parking bays must hold at least twenty shopping trolleys and yet people manage to fill them with less than half a dozen badly parked ones. I always do a spot of re-parking but no one thanks me.

I come home to find L just putting the Hoover away. It appears that MD has been re-enacting the Andrex puppy advert, badly. He doesn't realise that he's not supposed to destroy the toilet roll nor sprinkle confetti all over the house.

I take Doggo to dog class, yet we spend most of the time training MD and he isn't even there. I get some very good advice on basic agility training to get MD started on.

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