Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Lands End to John O'Groats

L is swimming the English Channel, albeit in the pool at John Carroll and she does another chunk of 40 lengths this morning. Only 1356 to go. 1356! Ouch, that’s a lot. As she says, she's still close enough to the beach at Dover to hear the dogs barking.

This got me thinking. I ought to have a target too. So, I've decided that I'm cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats. Which is 1315km according to Autoroute, which I shall be sticking virtual pins into to, charting my progress. So starting from yesterday, I'm now 68km into it; I should be in Bodmin by tonight.

Somehow, I miss the lunchtime sandwich van; either that or it doesn't come. This isn't good refuelling when you have to cycle home. Luckily, I have plenty of fruit (good) and energy bars (not so good).

After work, I cycle to the pool although it all feels a bit flat without a target like L's. I couldn't possibly do the Channel. It would take me forever.

There's a very odd sight in lane one, a girl in those ridiculous shorts that, I'm ashamed to say, (usually) only men wear. She has as much trouble keeping them on as the chaps do but she has a swimsuit on underneath. Odder and odder.

L raised the interesting idea of swimming iPods. So, you could swim the channel and either listen to inspiring music or read a book at the same time. Now that would make it bearable but I don't think anyone does them. Surely, it's just a matter of time before someone does.

I take MD with us to dog class to try and socialise him but he makes this incredibly difficult when he insists on barking at everyone and everything. So he has to be kept at a distance. Then when it's time for Doggo to do his stuff and I put MD back in the car, the misbehaving little sod, leaps out of the boot of the car (for the first time) and legs it into the training arena. Words were exchanged.

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