Monday, 8 September 2008

Banished To The Garden

Son has his first full day at his new college today and somehow L manages to get him to take his phone with him. He even actually uses it, consequently she feels honoured to be kept informed. She says she likes being a virtual overbearing mother. I'm not convinced; perhaps he’s given his phone to someone else?

Unfortunately, all this good will and communication evaporates when Son gets home to discover we've cut the supply lines for internet gaming, so that he is free to concentrate on his studies.

Talking about evaporating good will. The puppy has rolled in something disgusting and has subsequently been banished to the garden by Daughter. I get the honour of bathing him, which characteristically, he loves. The bath helps but he still pongs. L takes him to the library; presumably, he waits outside, whilst I take Doggo to training. They all ask where MD is, it sounds kind of cool to say he's gone to the library.

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