Thursday, 10 January 2008

Dangerous Nose Rings

I decide to make today a 'rest day' and take the bus. It's very busy with more than the usual number of people trying to un-impress the other passengers with their vulgar choices of ring tones on their mobile phones.

L's sister sends through some photos that she took of everyone at Christmas, unfortunately they are nearly all spoilt by a certain dog looking ridiculous with that flipping tongue of his hanging out.

On the way home there's a comical moment in the bus queue when a girl with a nose ring gets in a mess hurriedly trying to slip her coat on when the bus came. The zip of her coat got caught in her nose ring. Ouch.

I get home and Doggo helps/hinders me putting a new tyre on my bike.

I'm back playing squash tonight while L is working on the other half of her body, it's the bottom half's turn today, in one of those awfully named 'Bums, Tums, and Thighs' sessions. Which sounds rather gentle but probably isn't.

My squash opponent says that together with his partner, he's temporarily joined the Quakers (again) and gone on the wagon for a month. They're also, in his words, eating 'sod all' to try and lose weight. So he might not have enough energy to last the game. I've got a cold, so I'm not sure I will either. Ambulance on standby then.

This not drinking and not eating sounds like a real bundle of fun. I prefer to exercise off the food and alcohol. I had a text from him last night saying he was already coming around to my way of thinking, I wasn't sure whether that meant he'd collapsed on his treadmill from exhaustion because he'd been 'watching his calories' too closely or whether as L thought, he'd given up Quakerism because a bottle of wine had tempted him back to the dark side.

So it wasn't a gripping game because we were both in a weakened stake but I still lost, 4-1. We even played fewer games than usual and we skipped the pub, but not for health reasons but because he hadn't got his car with him. So I was AF on a Thursday which is a real novelty.

L seems to be trying out a different outfit in bed every night this week. They all seem to be working.

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