Friday, 11 January 2008

My Favourite Films Of The Year 2007

Better late than never. This is the third of my short series of special blogs summing up my year. This time I give you my favourite films of the year.

This is my top 10:-

10. Flying Scotsman

Not exactly a classic, it also bares little relation to the book and therefore to Obree's life but it's just so good to see a decent film about cycling that I have to include it.

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9. Last King of Scotland

Anything that sees James McAvoy strung up by his nipples has to be in my top 10 and Forest Whitaker is excellent as Idi Amin.

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8. Kite Runner

It could and should have been much better. Flawed but still good enough to be in my top 10.

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7. I'm Not There

I loved this, L loathed it. For having the nerve to be different, it deserves it's place.

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6. The Counterfeiters

I love anything to do with the war that doesn't just degenerate into battlefield scenes. This tale of concentration camp life is just excellent.

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5. Hallam Foe

A totally mad, off the wall film, with the voyeuristic Hallam and his barmy love interest. Which together with the complete absence of a happy ending added up to terrific entertainment. Just don't try and understand it.

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4. Notes On A Scandal

Oh dear, two Cate Blanchett films in my top 10. A totally gripping tale of two women, a schoolboy and a whole lot of stuff going on.

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3. Eastern Promises

David Cronenberg's tale of the Russian mafia in London. Two cut throats, an eye gouging and a leather clad Naomi Watts. Need I say more.

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2. Control

As a Joy Divison fan I'm totally biased but the casting was superb and not just Sam Riley as Ian Curtis. The film is full of excellently cast characters and even though you know how it all ends, there's still tension to it.

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1. Atonement

A predictable choice but Joe Wright deserves huge credit, firstly for filming an Ian McEwan and secondly for making life hard for himself my casting Keira Knightly and James McAvoy in it. Despite these handicaps he has a made a superb film that has everything.

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