Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Doggo And His Genes

As I leave this morning the papergirls and boy are all up. Daughter is oddly chipper, not so Son.

It's good cycling weather today, not much wind. All the same I try out my new skullcap, designed to keep my ears snug and warm. It turns out to be a more eventful ride than what I'd had planned. I hit a small rock on the road with my front wheel just outside Borrowash and puncture my tyre. I have to stop and change it, which takes ten minutes or so. Just as I am finishing someone I overtook in Risley comes past me. So they were really slacking.

Only problem is I've put the wheel in backwards, not that it matters much, just the tread is going the wrong way and my bike computer won't work. I wait until I arrive at work to turn it around.

L and Doggo also have had an eventful morning. They manage a run, do a street of papers for daughter and still manage to help Son. Doggo will either be knackered or incredibly fit if they keep that up.

A work colleague limps in today, claiming that she had done an hour in the gym and then an hour of gym circuits. Either that or L reckons she may have been to see 'Lust, Caution'.

L gives me a final chance to join her and Daughter at Girls Aloud. I decline politely. An all seated gig, at the Arena, for a mere £26 doesn't appeal and of course it's Girls Aloud. Even OMT (Open Mind Theory) can't stretch that far.

Get home and Doggo isn't looking too knackered so I offer him a run, at which point he seems to fake tiredness and tries to hide in the lounge. Unfortunately it is in his genes to always try and accompany me when I leave the house, so in the end he has to reluctantly join me.

I spoil him a touch and walk the grass verges with him, letting him have a good sniff, then we do the two ponds he likes, before we hit the streets to the Tennis Centre to meet L. I have to chivvy him along occasionally but he seems resigned to his fate and does get a good off-lead session around the university. We meet L and walk back.

There's more fish for tea tonight but its trout this time, regrettably we're all out of the vivid dream inducing Pollock. L says she had a very similar 'dream' to me last night but she's blaming it on too much herbal tea.

When I come to bed, L's in her pulling gear, so there's no need to rely on dreams tonight.

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