Wednesday, 16 January 2008

You Are What You Wear

I’m 100% healthy, as ever, apart from this bloody cough and its fine weather, so I'm on my bike today. Unfortunately it's not working quite right, my gears are slipping, I think this time I've not got the back wheel in right.

L's not talking to me today; her internet is down. AOL are assuring her it's her fault, as they do every time this happens and they've not been right yet, so it's unlikely they're right this time either.

Apparently Stuart Maconie has a new series on TV called 'Pop On Trial' which has caused a bit of a debate on the internet. The aim of the programme is to decide which has been the most exciting decade in pop music. Most people will usually say the decade of their youth. 'Things were better in my day' etc etc. Which is all garbage of course. The most exciting decade of pop music is, obviously, the next one.

I cycle to the pool. Again it's very busy and I end up back in the bikini zone, although today they seem to be out numbered by the vest and knickers brigade. I get in lane three, just as a rather nice pink ensemble bails out leaving me to share the lane with a chap in the ubiquitous drongo shorts. His pace is just a little under mine which is ideal and I use him for a little pace making. It does me good because he keeps me in a good but not too fast rhythm which I keep going all session, never stopping for around 25 minutes. I think that’s the first time I ever done that. People join us, and either decide we’re too slow and upgrade (swimsuits/trunks/tri shorts) or the opposite and downgrade (bikinis/vest and knickers/drongos shorts). You are what you wear.

I get home and take Doggo training. There's only three of us there which is good but it also means Doggo gets to do 45 minutes without a break. He's knackered and so am I. L's cold when we get home and needs warming up, the strength to do so takes some summoning but heroically I manage.

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