Tuesday, 1 January 2008


First lie in of the New Year. Necessary as we didn't get to bed until very late/early. Not my fault. First football of the year on the park with Doggo. First slag lunch, although I thought L was doing her omelette a disservice by describing it as such. I do a slightly less slaggish curried haddock for tea.

In the evening we watch the new adaptation of Sense and Sensibility. I'm actually keen to see this as it's by Andrew Davies who made such a good job of Bleak House. It opens with a young girl being informed that 'Mrs Edwards thinks you are a child still, but we know better than that, don’t we?' before the young lady concerned is unwrapped in front of a roaring fire. Promising but not strictly to the book, so I'm told. This has been lifted from somewhere later in the book and moved to start, for reasons that will become clear later, I assume.

The rest of the first episode of three, concerns mainly the Dashwood sisters of Norland Park. The sensible one Elinor, the lustful one Marianne and the baby one Meg.

At first, the lustful one shuns the advances of Colonel Brandon but when he gifts her some sheet music, her fire is seemingly alight. Things were easier in those days, you wouldn't get much of a reaction even with the CD version these days. He pushes his luck a bit though when he invites her round to practise on his 'pianoforte that deserves to be played rather more often'. Ahmmm. Shades of Jools Holland from last night.

It's clearly not a good enough offer though and the lustful one hurls herself dramatically off a cliff top, to a gentle ledge a few feet below, to get another white knight, Willoughby of Allenham (note: white horses all round) to rescue her in his manful arms. At least I think that's how it happened. Nearly vomiting point but not quite.

It's all rather good fun actually. We take a stiff whisky to bed, to recover from all this frivolity.

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