Friday, 11 January 2008

Persuasive Powers

I feel that the cold that I am suffering from will not benefit from a damp cycle ride so instead I choose to spread my germs on the bus. Yesterday the bus was full of medical students heading over to Derby for an exam and that seems to be the case again today. As they test each other on the likely questions I realise that the future of medicine is not necessarily in safe hands.

A survey in the paper reveals that 75 per cent of women would marry for money. Which just shows how much you have to keep your eye on them.

Also in the news is that one in four adults didn't read a single book last year. I'm actually surprised that as many of three out of four people did. At least I can say that I did but I am hardly prolific in the book department.

Wiggle deliver L's new running trousers and she asks whether I'd fancy trying them out and running to the pub tonight. I think she phrased that slightly wrong, I'm not sure they'd suit me?

There is fantastic snow at all the Scottish ski resorts with further cold weather and snow forecast. I’m getting very itchy feet. L suggests we zoom off tonight, which although very tempting is incredibly impractical.

On the way home, a girl on the bus is talking to a friend on her mobile phone and assuring her/him that they'll both be 'well shit faced' tonight. Which is so very ladylike.

I get home a little earlier than expected and I catch L in the bedroom in just her dressing gown. She momentarily looks very worried, as if thinking I might take advantage of the situation. She knows me too well. My first thoughts were that she was all set to use her persuasive powers on me because she wants me to take her to see the Delays on the 4th March instead of Stiff Little Fingers, which is what we were planning to do that night. She said she'll be eternally grateful if we do the Delays, which sounds great. Apparently though she's only in her dressing gown because she's just had a hot bath after being caught in the heavy rain. Whatever the reason, lets call it fate.

We abandon our plans to run, despite the fact that I assure L that I'm feeling 100% because it is very wet outside. We opt to stay local instead. L goes to the gym first and Doggo and I meet her there. I hit the Legend and a few Supremes.

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