Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Where Are The Dancing Girls?

No cycling today because of the match tonight, so I'm in the car.

I've got so used to L not being online that I forget to email her and apparently our totally inept spam filter is blocking hers. Eventually I notice I have a text and email her.

After work I head to my parents place for tea. They are watching their cholesterol, so after the battered fish and chips, which we'll gloss over (they had already eaten when I arrived, so I assume they had something else), I get offered healthy bananas and sugar free jelly for dessert. That is with a decorative choc-ice on top, a regular treat for them apparently. Hmmmm.

So to Pride Park for the first game in the new American 'Soccer' revolution that our new owners are promising. I wonder where the dancing girls are. Perhaps they're saving the pompoms to give to our back four, anything would be better than having them play football.

Derby actually put in a good performance for our new owners and combined with the fact that Manchester City's strikers aren't a patch on Preston's, it means we could almost have won. We haven't been getting any luck this season but we get some tonight, as one of their defenders deflects Kenny Miller's shot past his own keeper. As ever our lead doesn't last but the game finishes 1-1. Promising. Jewell gave a start to a young chap called Earnshaw; he was outstanding, now if only we'd had him from the start of the season...

So we have eight points now, I reckon we might make double figures by the end of the season. We retire to the pub for a couple of pints of Milestone Crusader.

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