Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Dark And Dreary

On my bike today. It's very dark and dreary, all very pleasant. Although not for the dithering girl on a mountain bike who almost got wiped out at the Raynesway island. She was obviously trying to do the right thing and obey the Highway Code, which is the last thing you want to do at the Raynesway island but women always do. Men generally don’t and therefore make themselves a more visible presence on the road.

Daughter is back on the papers after her day off for the bank holiday yesterday. I don't know, one day in the job and then you get a day off.

While at work I book our usual cottage in the Lakes for a trip away in a few weeks time. Then I’ll be heading off to a remote cottage with a couple of the local papergirls in my car, people have been locked up for less.

L has printed me off an entry form for the Derby 10k which is in April, this makes it sound like I’m going to be doing it.

I cycle home and L has a bowl of hot soup waiting for me. Very welcome. Then before I get chance to get out my lycra, L's sister and her family come round. They've come to see Doggo, who knows; perhaps they even wanted to see us too. We all take him for a walk around the pond and then come home to warm up with some mulled wine.

Daughter's bedroom provides additional gruesome entertainment for our guests. They can't quite believe how anyone can live in such squalor; we've been wondering that for years.

Derby play away at Bolton and look to have secured themselves a point but again lose to a late goal, this time in the second minute of injury time.

Lazily, we order a takeaway curry. When it is delivered the dishes are all rather eye wateringly hot. Although Son says his is too hot, heat wise too. He comes downstairs, eats his naan, goes back upstairs, comes down, tries a fork full, goes back upstairs, comes down, tries a fork full, goes back upstairs, repeat until stone cold. Well at least I managed to pinch some while he was out the room.

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