Saturday, 15 November 2008

An Ancient Doggie Ritual

As MD looked knackered after his pub night and more or less crashed as soon as we got back, we didn't shut him in the kitchen overnight. Unfortunately, this resulted in us getting a disturbed night as the dogs took turns digging the carpets. This is some ancient doggie ritual, that they probably think makes the ground more comfortable. It clearly doesn't work because as soon as they've dug somewhere, they go sleep somewhere else. It's also, as if they've formed a pact to do it in shifts, so that they could cause the maximum amount of disruption possible. The kitchen beckons for both of them.

None of this makes good for lazing in bed on a Saturday morning either, so pretty soon I'm up on the park, dodging the rain showers with the disruptive pair. As usual, I take the edges off MD by letting him off in one of the quieter sections of the park. Then Doggo and I just stand and watch as MD runs in wide circles chasing birds that he hasn't got a hope in hell of catching. When he finally stops for a breather, I clip him back on the lead and we continue with the rest of our walk.

In the afternoon, Derby have a comprehensive 3-0 victory over Sheffield Wednesday, it was even almost a good performance.

In the evening Daughter is out, so we take advantage, stay in, have a pre-race pasta meal and one of L's wonderful desserts, catch up with Jools and watch a thoroughly depressing episode of South Riding.

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